1 Chronicles

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1 Chronicles

The books of Chronicles were originally one book in the Hebrew text. They became separated into two books by the translators of the Old Testament and were given a title meaning ‘Things Left Behind’ (that is details not included in the books of Samuel and Kings). It should be noted, that very little is mentioned about the Northern Kingdom in 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles.

1 Chronicles was written by Ezra the priest approximately 430 B.C. recording events which occurred from about 1000-960 B.C. This book emphasizes the religious history of Judah and Israel.

1 Chronicles begins with a list of names that gives prominence to David and the lineage of Jesus Christ. The genealogies in the early chapters emphasize the importance of a spiritual heritage. The second part of the book details the life of David. Few men or women in the Bible were as close to God as David was.

David’s daily contact with God gave him deep reverence for worship and the desire to build God’s Temple. The Temple stood as the throne of God on earth, the place of true worship. God’s true throne however was, is and will continue to be in the hearts of his people. When believers acknowledge God as the true King over their lives, true worship can then begin to take place.

The story of David’s life and his relationship with God, showed that he was God’s appointed leader. David’s life shows us the importance of staying close to God – through praying, worship, studying and obeying His Word. David’s devotion to God, the Law, the Temple, true worship, the people and justice sets the standard for what God’s chosen King should be. It is worth remembering, followers of Jesus Christ are a royal priesthood and their heavenly thrones await them also.

God is always faithful to his people. He protects them in every generation and provides leaders to guide them. Because God has been at work throughout the centuries, his people should have confidence in Him to work in their present circumstances.

As you read 1 Chronicles, trace your own Godly heritage and thank God for your spiritual genealogy. Recommit yourself to passing on God’s truth and faithfulness to the next generation. David’s life helps the reader to understand that each believer’s purpose is to serve God so He will see His accomplishments, and not ours!    

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