2 Peter

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2 Peter

This world is filled with false prophets and teachers. Believers must however determine to grow in their knowledge of God and to reject anything which is not consistent with the Bible. Peter the Apostle wrote this book to warn believers against complacency and heresy. Heresy means false doctrine.

Peter speaks of holding fast to the none-negotiable facts of faith, of growing and maturing in the faith, and of rejecting all who would twist or change the truth. By doing so, our lives will honour God and become Christ-centred.

Peter opens  this epistle with a brief greeting, before mentioning the antidote for stagnancy and short sightedness in the Christian life. He then gives a blunt warning about false teachers. The cure for complacency, lawlessness and heresy is found in the confident assurance that Jesus Christ will return. God is still giving unbelievers time to repent. To be ready, Christians must keep on trusting and resist the pressure to give up, waiting for Jesus Christ’s return.  


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