2 Thessalonians

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2 Thessalonians

Apostle Paul wrote to encourage those who were facing persecution and to correct a misunderstanding about the timing of Jesus Christ’s return. The teaching about the Lord’s return promoted idleness in this young church.

The imminent coming of Christ should never make us lazy, Christians should be constantly busy. Living purely, using our time well, and working for His kingdom. Believers must work not only during easy times when it is convenient, but also during difficult times. Christians must patiently wait, watch and work.

This book is especially meaningful for those who are being persecuted or are under pressure for their faith. In chapter 1, readers are told what suffering can do for us. In chapter 2 believers are assured of final victory. In chapter 3 we are encouraged to continue living responsibly in spite of difficult circumstances. Jesus Christ’s return is more than a doctrine.


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