2 Timothy

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2 Timothy

As Apostle Paul reached the end of his life it was time to pass the torch to the next generation, preparing leaders to take his place so that the world would continue to hear the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. There has never been another person on the earth like Paul, the missionary Apostle.

Paul was a man of deep faith, undying love, constant hope, tenacious conviction, and profound insight. Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to give God’s message. Timothy was Paul’s living legacy. He was a product of Paul’s faithful teaching, discipleship and example.  This was Paul’s last writing before he died and is the most intimate and moving of all his letters.

Paul’s introduction is tender, and the love he has for Timothy is clearly seen. He reminds Timothy of the qualities necessary for a faithful minister of Jesus Christ and to hold tightly to the truth. To be disciplined, keeping his eyes and mind focused on Christ. Paul challenges Timothy to hold to sound doctrine, reject error and foolish discussions, know the scriptures and to keep his life pure.

Paul warns Timothy of the opposition he and other believers would face in the last days from self-centred people who use the church for their own gain, and who teach new and false doctrines.

Timothy is encouraged to preach the Word and to fulfil his ministry until the end. Paul concludes with personal requests and items of information. His loneliness and his strong love for his brothers and sisters in Christ are his last thoughts.



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