Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday Today & Forever (2)

Published on by simon weston

Articles written by Simon Weston generally focus readers toward the central point of history......Jesus Christ. Because of His death and resurrection, Jesus has remained the answer to life’s most pressing questions.

It is only Jesus Christ who can change the hardest hearts of mankind into God’s most effective witnesses. More than twenty centuries have passed, yet Jesus remains the most powerful force known to mankind. Though kingdoms have come and gone, powerful political systems have risen and fallen, dictators and kings have crumbled to dust, all of them combined have not impacted the world as the Son of God.

When we gain understanding of how the Old and New Testaments in the Bible are connected miraculously through Jesus, history’s pages and the future come alive with a life-changing message that should embolden each believer, more than ever before, to share God’s wonderful gift of salvation. When you accept Jesus into your life, the most exciting adventure in your future begins.



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