Jesus Lamb Of God

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Jesus resurrection is the key to the Christian faith. Why?

-          The stone was not rolled away from the tomb, so that Jesus could get out, but so others could get in and see that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead, just as he had promised.

-          Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can be confident, that he will accomplish all he has promised in the Bible.

-          Jesus bodily resurrection shows us that the living Christ is ruler of God’s eternal kingdom, not a false prophet or imposter.

-          The same power that brought Jesus back to life, is also available to us bring our spiritual selves back to life.

-          We too can be certain and confident in our own resurrection, because Jesus was resurrected. Death on earth is not the end-there is a future life.

-          The resurrection is the basis for each believer’s witness to the world. Jesus is more than just a human figure; he is the Son of God.

-          Today there is still a great stir over the resurrection, and there are still only two choices-to believe that Jesus rose from the dead, or:-

-          To be closed to the truth and deny it.

-          Ignore it.

-          Rationalize it away.

-          The kingdom of heaven began when God himself entered human history as a man. Today Jesus Christ reigns in the hearts of believers, but the kingdom of heaven will not be fully realized until all evil in the world is judged and removed. Christ first come to earth as a prophet; he will be coming again as King and judge to rule victoriously over all the earth.

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