Jesus Can Save You

Published on by simon weston

God is holy, and he will not be associated with sin. All people are sinful and all sin deserves punishment. Instead of punishing us with the death we deserve. Jesus Christ took our sins upon himself and paid the price for them with his own death. Now we can joy in God,


Through faith in his works we can become the children of God, rather than enemies and outcasts.


While we were yet sinners (Romans 5 v 8) God sent Jesus Christ to die for us, because he loved us so much. We were helpless because we could do nothing on our own to save ourselves. Someone had to come at exactly the right time-he also came according to God’s own schedule. Remember, God controls all history and future.


Therefore whenever you feel uncertain about God’s love for you, remember that he loved you even before you turned to him. The love that caused Christ to die is the same love that sends the Holy Spirit to live in us and guide us every day. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that saves you and me, is available in our daily life.


Just as you can pray for forgiveness, you can also pray for God’s power and love as you need it. Be assured that having begun a new life with Christ, you have a reserve of power and love to call on each day for help to meet every situation and challenge.

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