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Genealogy of Jesus Christ


“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them” (Genesis 1v27)


Adam begot Seth

Seth begot Enosh

Enosh begot Cainan

Cainan begot Mahalalel

Mahalalel begot Jared

Jared begot Enoch

Enoch begot Methuselah

Methuselah begot Lamech

Lamech begot Noah

Noah begot Shem

Shem begot Arphaxad

Arphaxad begot Salah

Salah begot Eber

Eber begot Peleg

Peleg begot Reu

Reu begot Serug

Serug begot Nahor

Nahor begot Terah

Terah begot Abram


(God changed Abram’s name to Abraham Genesis 17v5)


Abraham begot Isaac

Isaac begot Jacob

Jacob begot Judah

Judah begot Phares

Phares begot Esrom

Esrom begot Aram

Aram begot Aminadab

Aminadab begot Naasson

Naasson begot Salmon

Salmon begot Booz

Booz begot Obed

Obed begot Jesse

Jesse begot David

David begot Solomon

Solomon begot Roboam

Roboam begot Abia

Abia begot Asa

Asa begot Josaphat

Josaphat begot Joram

Joram begot Ozias

Ozias begot Joatham

Joatham begot Achaz

Achaz begot Ezekias

Ezekias begot Manasses

Manasses begot Amon

Amon begot Josias

Josias begot Jechonias

Jechonias begot Salathiel

Salathiel begot Zorobabel

Zorobabel begot Abiud

Abiud begot Eliakim

Eliakim begot Azor

Azor begot Sadoc

Sadoc begot Achim

Achim begot Eluid

Eluid begot Eleazar

Eleazar begot Matthan

Matthan begot Jacob


Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary


Whom begot JESUS CHRIST  

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Mikes@Your Daily Word 04/28/2009 21:49

genealogies like these really are boring at times to be honest but there are still treasures inside them. i especially like what God did when she included a Moabite Ruth the wife of Boaz as part of the list. That tells us God doesn't show favoritism. These genealogies also tell us that jesus is indeed King as a descendant of King David!

Ashish 04/28/2009 06:45

It seems you have good knowledge about the post. Interesting post.