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Jesus did not arrive on the earth unannounced or unexpected. The Old Testament prophets had clearly predicted the coming of a great one, sent by God himself, who would offer salvation and eternal peace to Israel and the entire world.

As the ‘Messiah’ Jesus did not come as a conquering king; he came as a servant crossing national, racial and economic barriers to spread his Good news. His message of faith and forgiveness is for the whole world. Because of Jesus’s example, we  too should be willing to serve God and others. Real greatness in Christ’s kingdom is shown by service and sacrifice. Ambition, love of powers or position, should not be our motive. Instead, we should do God’s work because we love him.

Jesus directed his public ministry to the Jews first. When the Jewish leaders opposed him, Jesus also went to the non-Jewish world, healing and preaching. Jesus had all the power of almighty God-he raised the dead, gave sight to the blind, restored deformed bodies and quieted stormy seas.

When Jesus rose from the dead, he proved that he was God, that he could forgive sin, and that he has the power to change our lives. The more convinced we become that Jesus is God, the more we will see his power and his love. His mighty works show us he is able to save anyone regardless of their past. His forgiveness brings healing, wholeness and changed lives to those who believe and are prepared to trust him.

Jesus was punished that we might be forgiven.

Jesus was wounded that we might be healed.

Jesus was made to bear our sinfulness, that we might become righteous.

Jesus died our death that we might share his life.

Jesus became poor with our poverty, that we might become wealthy with his riches.

Jesus bore our shame that we might share his glory.

Jesus endured our rejection that we might have his acceptance as children of God.

Jesus became a curse that we might receive a blessing.


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