How To Walk By Faith

Published on by simon weston

We are told to have faith, but what is faith? How do you know if you have it? Will it do what you hope it will do? We live by it every day without even thinking about it. However the kind of faith we use every day is not sufficient when it comes to the big decisions of life. The most important decision we will make as individuals, will be where and with whom we will spend eternity.

Faith is not just knowing, even being convinced, that something is true, but accepting it as true for you. Our faith is only as good as that in which it is placed. No matter how much you may trust your parents, your religion, your church, your rabbis, priests or preachers, you and I know that you cannot trust them to give you eternal life when you die. They may be able to help you here in this life, but they can’t help you afterward, for they too must die. The simple reason is that they have no supernatural power. The only one who can do that is God himself, who came here as a man to die in our place and pay the penalty for our sins. He proved he has the power to give us life beyond death, because he himself conquered death following his resurrection, and continues to live forever.

Faith in Jesus Christ, is forsaking every other thing in which you previously have had to put your trust, and trusting only in Him. Believing in Jesus Christ is ALL that you need in your life. He ALONE is able to hold your future together forever, enabling you to go all the way through this life and beyond in victory.   

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