Consider This

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Consider this....

Earning $250 dollars every second, that’s about $20 million Dollars each day, and $7.8 Billion dollars a year.

If you were holding a thousand dollars in your hand and it fell to the floor. By the time you had bent to pick them up, you would have already earned it back.

united states of America national debt is reported to be $5.62 trillion dollars. If you were to pay the debt yourself, it will be paid within ten years.

You can donate $15 dollars to every person on earth, and still be left with $5 million dollars in your pocket.



“except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of god.” (john 3 v 3)


DO not gain the world, and lose your soul. Jesus loves you!

Find out how to live your life with balance using god’s standards

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