A To Z Of Friendship

Published on by simon weston

A Friend ...

A ccepts you as you are.

B elieves in you.

C alls you just to say "hi."

D oes not give up on you.

E nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts).

F orgives your mistakes.

G ives unconditionally.

H elps you.

I nvites you over.

J ust likes being with you.

K eeps you close at heart.

L oves you for who you are.

M akes a difference in your life.

N ever judges you.

O ffers support.

P icks you up.

Q uiets your fears.

R aises your spirits.

S ays nice things about you.

T ells you the truth when you need to hear it.

U nderstands you.

V alues you.

W alks beside you.

X-plains things you don't understand.

Y ells when you won't listen.

Z aps you back to reality.



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ArizonaCespm 10/01/2009 10:35

Hi Disciple,  I was surprised finding this about friendship, cause I'm just writing about it to share with some young sigle adults at church next friday. And something that amaze me is that
Jesus calls us His friends, in John 15, says that we're not longer call servants, so He is giving us a new status, and everything was done by His work on that cross.  Thanks for remaind What a
friend is, and how Christ is for us.  Blessings Jesus-follower.

Morin Adeyemo 05/20/2009 22:52

Hello Simon, really enjoyed reaing tht a-z of friendship. We have that in Christ Jesus. I pray God gives us grace to enable each of us to be friends like that.