Letting Go And Letting Faith

Published on by simon weston

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11 v 1)

There was once a climber who had conquered many mountains, one day while he was climbing, a gust of wind unbalanced him and he missed his footing. He began to slide down the rock face toward the edge of the cliff. Just before he was about to go over the edge, his hand grabbed a ledge and he hung there suspended in midair. Desperately he tried to pull himself up, but he was not able to. There was nothing he could do to save himself.

“God, you know I have always believed in you, and now I need you. Nobody else can help me now. Please come to my rescue!” he pleaded.

God answered, “Yes John, I hear your prayer, but before I can help you, there is one thing that you first must do.”

“Oh Lord. Anything! I will do anything! What must I do?”

“You have to let go of that ledge.” God replied.

We may find ourselves in John’s situation, needing Almighty God to rescue us from our particular challenges. Letting go and letting God at times is never as easy as it sounds. Surrendering to a higher power is about becoming more conscious and receptive to knowledge of things we initially we do not know about. To acknowledge our personal helplessness is a critical step to knowing our true level of faith and power that is inside each of us.

The most important issue is, will we awaken to the prescence of God? Unless we experience His prescence, the order that is divine cannot come into being. Therefore to increase our faith, we need to remove our attention from the challenge or obstacle and give it to God. The bible says,  

“All things work together for good for those who love God.”
(Romans 8 v 28)

It is important to realise that things do not simply work together for good. Loving God is crucial. It is not because God needs our love, but because through love and faith, we can experience our right relationship with him and mankind. Subsequently people need to view life from a spiritual perspective. Individuals no longer should ask whether an event is in divine order; but instead ask if their lives are in divine order. When faith is firmly established, you will receive answer to your prayers and experience testimonies,  breakthrough and miracles. No longer will you be preoccupied with situations and happenings. Continue to put your focus on God,  seeking His kingdom and no longer taking thought for specific outcomes.


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