A Friend

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A Friend

How many friends do you have on Facebook?


Let me introduce you to my best friend. He is closer to me than any other member of my family, and he has more friends than the total membership of Facebook since its existence!

His name is Jesus Christ.


I am a friend of Jesus! Oh what bliss

A friend when other friendships cease

Should ever have a friend like this

A friend who gives me joy and peace.

A special friend so vile as I

A friend when others fail

To lead me to the sky

A friend when foes assail.

A friend who shares with you

A smile, a tear, a hand

A friend who cares for you

With a heart that understands.

A friend when sickness lays me low

A friend when life’s short race is o’er

A friend as through the vale I go

A friend to meet on heaven’s shore.

A friend when death draws near

A friend when earth is past

A friend to help and cheer

A friend when home at last.

A friend with whom you can be alone

When there’s nothing to do

A friend who sits upon his throne

He’s God Almighty, and he loves you.

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