A Revelation Of God's Love

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A Revelation Of God’s Love

“....Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16 v 15).

When we fall in love with Jesus and accept Him into our hearts, we all inherit the great love, He has. The thing is, we don’t always appreciate and understand the responsiblilty that goes with it. Not everyone is called to the ministry gift of an evangelist, but everyone who recieves the great love of God, has a part in the divine work of evangelism. Christians are called to be a blessing to someone – to be a light in a dark place for someone!

Unfortunately, competition and jealousy are causing division in the world and within the body of Jesus Christ. Humanity was created as a unity. We have all been created in God’s image and likeness. It is love for God that ignites the passion to love others and it is up to us to follow through and do it. It is also a social responsibility and the fate of the world depends on it.

Does loving my neighbour mean that I take care of everyone on earth? No, I take care of the ones God lays on my heart. The problem a lot of people have is that their heart and ears are closed to anyone outside of their denominational social circle.

“Those people don’t speak in tongues.”

Give them a chance. You weren’t born speaking in other tongues.

“They don’t come to my church.”

“They’re Catholics.”

“They’re Muslims.”

“They’re Jehovah Witnesses.”

“They’re Mormons.”

“They’re Jews.”

“They’re Methodists.”

“They’re Atheist.”

“They’re Spiritualists.”

“They’re Pentecostals.”

“They’re Baptists.”

“They’re Seven Day Adventist.”

“They’re Hindus.”

“They’re Buddhist.”

Why do I like everybody so much? Because God love them and they all need to be born again.  A lot  of them are, they just don’t know the terminology. Likewise, a lot of them aren’t living for God also and need to be guided back to the truth. It is every believer’s responsibility to love every person, and i’ve learned that we all teach more by what we do, than by what we say.


Love is for you, and it’s in you by the work of the Holy Spirit. Once you understand love as God intended it, you can start spreading the love in more ways than one. You can become a blessing to people and most importantly, realize your potential as a believer who is full of God’s unfailing and never-ending love.

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