Australia Flood Appeal

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Australia Flood Appeal

Organisations across Australia and around the world are joining in to help the state of Queensland, recover from massive flooding that has affected 75 per cent of the state. In Brisbane, Queensland capital, estimates suggest that over 30,000 properties and 55,000 miles of roads have been damaged.

The local campus of the famous Hillsong Church is an evacuation centre for people who have lost their homes or cannot return to them. Senior Pastor, Brian Houston said;

“My prayer is that long after the flood waters recede, local churches throughout affected areas will be safe havens for their community, that their Ministers and congregations will be equipped with resources from generous believers across Australia, who rise to meet the need of our brothers and sisters who are suffering.”

Volunteers have begun clearing up after one of the most natural disasters. They have turned up in their thousands with an arsenal of spades, brooms and hoses. These individuals are in need and require assistance. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY!  

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