Caught By His Fire

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Caught By His Fire

“Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes, and greet no one on the way.” (Luke 10 v 4 )

There they were, in Indiana. It was the American frontier in the early 19th century. Even though conditions frequently were foreboding, the Holy Spirit brought waves of revival. Many lives were changed by camp meetings. Churches were established in often crude surroundings.

Many men followed the call into ministry, even though they were afforded few worldly possessions. In his autobiography, Joseph Tarkington, one of that day’s influential preachers, described how some ministers were forced to work in menial jobs just to get clothes to wear.

Joseph Tarkington also told the story of a “very holy man,” John Cord, who barely had enough to live on. One day, he brought Cord some food. He saw him “coming out of the woods with an axe, maul and wedge,” for he had been “splitting rails at the rate of two for a cent.” Cord was so overwhelmed that he “wept with grateful joy like a child.”

Tarkington also left an account of James Sims. A woman who heard Sims speak described how he stood “barefooted” as he delivered “as good a sermon” as she ever heard. He knew what it was like to face tribulation, to persevere in hostile conditions, to serve God faithfully, whether or not he had shoes.

These men were “called to preach” and did not let anything stop them. They were men “of the highest type of moral purpose and mental and physical energy.” They were “resolute, fearless men, full of power and the Holy Ghost.” The opposition was strong, but these men “made the breach in the wall of Satan” and “saved their nation from heathendom.”

Today, God is still looking for men and women with this same kind of commitment – who are not distracted by the things of the world, who will not let anything stop them from worshipping and serving Him, who are totally dedicated, fearless and have a relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ.   

Today, dedicate yourself to God and His Gospel message......COME JUST AS YOU ARE!

Pray that God will give you a spirit of compassion for “Lost Souls.”

Pray that God will help you to stay “faithful, steadfast, rooted and grounded in His love.”

Commit your life, time, talent and resources in order to reach and impact lives for God’s Everlasting Kingdom.  

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