Do Not Be Ordinary

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Do Not Be Ordinary


To settle for being ordinary is to fail at living. Who is interested in being ordinary anyway? We do not read books or make films about it. Ordinary people are like salt that’s lost its flavour. Jesus said;

“It’ll be thrown out.”

Salt is supposed to heal, preserve, irritate and flavour, not just sit on the table looking good. Before you can change anything, you must be different from it! When Jesus said;

“You’re salt.”

He meant, “If I sprinkle you on something and it doesn’t change – you’re not effective. Imagine reaching the end of your life, staring death in the face thinking, ‘Nothing I did made any difference!’

At the end, Jesus could say, “.......I have finished the work which You have given Me to do.” (John 17:4 NKJ*) Success is becoming what God wants you to be, doing what God wants you to do and possessing what God wants you to have. Anything else is ordinary.

Be careful, your need for acceptance will make you want to ‘fit in.’ You cannot afford to worry about that. When you do, you miss the opportunity to do something that’s never been done before. God never duplicates; not even a snowflake or a fingerprint. He’s looking for originals, not encores! If He’s already done it, why would He need to do it again?

So, what do you enjoy doing for God? What would you like to do better? What brings you your greatest sense of fulfilment? Discover it, develop it, and start doing it with every fibre of your being. When you do, you’ll be anything but ordinary!


*TM  The Message Bible Version

*NKJ  New King James Bible Version

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