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Earthquakes are a sign, that Judgement Day is near.

Are you fully aware of what is happening around the world today?

Do not be alarmed. The Bible stated that earthquakes will occur!

Are you fully aware that man’s power is limited?

If you are not right with the Lord, Gace and Mercy is still available.

Turn your life over to him, for Judgement is coming to the world

And to every nation. The Lord’s time is now and in the days to come,

you will want to be on the same side of the Father.

Look up to God and repent.

Jesus Christ Is Coming.

God does not delight in surprises!

It is important that every man, woman, boy and girl

read the following scriptures in the bible and act upon it.

Isaiah 29 v 6

Isaiah 30 v 18

Psalm 51

Matthew 6 v 33

Matthew 24 v 38-39

Matthew 25 v 31-33

Revelation 11 v 13

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