End Of The Age

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End of The Age


Wake-Up from your

sleep and slumber.

God does not take

any delight in surprises.

God is not mocked.





The Holy Bible clearly

states, that this world

is coming to an end.


is the day of


“And as the toes of the feet

Were partly of iron

And partly of clay,

So the kingdom shall be partly

strong and partly fragile.”

(Daniel 2 v 42).


We are now living in

The Last Days.

“.....Repent for the

Kingdom of heaven

Is at hand.”(Matthew 4 v 17)

Jesus Christ


Coming Again


No one knows the day or hour.


“But of that day and hour no

one knows, not even the angels

of heaven, but my Father only.

But as the days of Noah were,

so also will the coming of the

Son of Man be.For as in the

Days before the flood, they were

eating and drinking and giving

in marriage, until the day that

Noah entered the ark, and did

not know until the flood came

and took them all away, so also

will the coming of the

Son of Man be.”

(Matthew 24 v 36-39)


When you open

The Holy Bible

Ask GOD (the author)

to reveal His plan and purpose

to you.

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