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Apostle Paul sent this epistle to the church at Ephesus and others in the region, presenting the supremacy of Jesus Christ. It gives information on the nature of the church and on how church members should live whether they are male, female, parent, child, master, slave irrespective of their sex, nationality or social status.

Paul points out the home and church are difficult places to live the Christian life, because our real personality and character will be seen by those who know us well. Close relationships between imperfect people can potentially lead to trouble – or to increased faith and deepened dependence on God. Believers can build unity in our churches through willing submission to Jesus Christ’s leadership and humble service to one another.

Attention is given to the implication of being a member of the body of Christ. Several pictures of the church are presented: body, temple, mystery, new man, bride and soldier. Paul remind believers Christians that they are in a constant battle with the forces of darkness, and that they should use every spiritual weapon at their disposal.

As you read Ephesians, thank God for the diversity and unity in his family, praying for your brothers and sisters across the world.



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