Faith Instead of Fear

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Faith Instead Of Fear


Friends, it is a great mystery that God the Father desires to need the service of us, murderers, robbers, rapists and thieves so that He can come and heal our wounds and make everything alright. These actions are made by our choice, when we choose to live outside of the wishes of the Father. We choose to make ourselves worry, when we are clearly told what good will worrying do, will it add one bit of good measure to your spoils, not at all. Worry and fear produce anxiety, as a matter of fact; fear is the rejection of faith.


I wish to concentrate our thoughts on that which controls our thoughts and ultimately, our actions, fear and faith. The Bible tells that the devil prowls this earth to seek and destroy, he seeks to destroy lives, souls, good thoughts, our family relationships, and he seeks to destroy every good thing one could want or have going in life. We let him when we give way to God, when we fold under pressure, remember, diamonds were no always diamonds with the clarity and shape that you buy them in. They have been put under extreme amounts of pressure and that is why the jeweller can command such price for his finished work, pressure brings about refinement.


That is why the Father in His infinite wisdom will let, notice I said, will let, things occur in our lives that are not always comfortable, He allows things in our lives to happen that bring us to our knees. It is here, in our-place of quiet that He can deal with us, see, the things of the world often get in our head and take our senses, our well being, our minds seems to change more readily at the mere thought of the devil and we give way to the Power of the Lord when we get ourselves away from His presence.


But when we are talking to Him, the devil will not come around; one of the things that the devil hates is praise to the Lord. That is why the Lord has told us that He will keep us in perfect peace if our minds are -are stayed on Him; Friends this statement of faith was and is meant to give you comfort, and not just in times of trouble but at all times. While it is true that we think of the Lord more in times of trouble, we tend to pray more in times of trouble, we seek godly council and prayer of others in times of trouble, we even put our faith in others at times of trouble, even though we know that the Bible tells us that men will fail us; and I have read that those going through a surgical procedure, when prayer is sought have an 11 per cent faster procedure rate, this is just in the mind?


For some it might be, but I really doubt it and this is the purpose of this article, Faith instead of fear, Faith instead of fear? Faith, the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things unseen. Could there be a better thought or expression for which we are working with; I think not, see the things we hope for, if in God’s will, shall be given and the evidence of the unseen is that which we seek in the middle of the night.


That which we seek when we are lonely and cannot find our way, and when we come through the turmoil and not sure how it was done, we look up unto the hills which give us our strength. When we look down and see the footprints in the sand and only see two, we know that it was the Lord carrying us across our bed of affliction, carrying us through the times when we have been lonely and ready to give way to the elements of despair, when we look down at the foot prints and gaze up to the hills we should be rejoicing as we have been through something and not only have we made it, but now we are positioned to soar with the eagles.


See, in this life we will have trouble, but that is okay. We have a Father, who sits high and looks low, we have a Father, Who is so completely in Love with us that He will discipline us and when we come back and acknowledge our sins, He will wipe them all out and He has told us that they are forgiven and our transgressions are forgotten. All the baggage that we can carry in this life can wear us down, this weight can gives us a bad self image and prevents us from fulfilling our God given destiny, but friends if God has assured us of His forgiveness and promised to blot out our sins we need to stop the guilty feelings, and forgive ourselves, see the devil still tries to work on us even after we have been forgiven faith instead of fear, remember.


A little boy was walking home with his mother and he was telling her that all the other kid's families had cars and they had to walk home, how they were going to make it through the winter, she replied, we are going to trust God, when they got home the boy told his mother that the wood for the stove was almost empty and they did not have enough to last the winter and he was fearful of freezing to death, what were they going to do, she replied, we are going to trust God, the next morning the little boy came to his mother with his shoes that had holes in them from the wear of walking his mother replaced the card board in the shoes and he ask her what they were going to do when the heels wore out, she told him again, we are going to trust God.


He never recalled going to church much but he recalls hearing his mother's prayer's at the midnight hour and through her faith the small family made it by; but a larger lesson was learned by this future leader, to put your trust in the Lord. He did not always have the comforts or necessities of others but God was equipping him with something that would last him a lifetime (much like the water that Jesus offered the woman at the well, not water to fulfil a temporary need but water that satisfied her a lifetime), see today his abiding faith is depended upon by congregational members and it is passed on to others every day.


The Bible tells us that we are to walk by faith not by sight. See illusions can deceive us, the mirrors on our cars tell us to drive with caution as objects may be closer then they appear, depending on our life we might see the world with rose coloured glasses or we might view the world in a more harsher reality but either way our vision might be a bit skewed, our walk in this life may be lead by others (look at the children just rescued from the compound in Texas).


But either way we have to learn to hold the Master's Hand, it never changes and is always here for us. His Hand, His Word, His Ways, His Love leads us on our walk in this life and there is no place for fear as His love is perfect and reminds us that there is no fear in His love, see fear is like evil, it torments us, and the gospel of John tells us that anyone who fear is not-made-perfect in Love.

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