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Pride is one ot those character traits that can work for us, or against us, depending on which kind of pride we have. In the positive sense, pride is a sign of healthy self-esteem, which is important to our overall happiness. For example, It is good when we can take pride in a job well done. Pride also inspires us to keep going in the right direction when others tell us they are proud of us for our good qualities, or some good we have done.

In the negative sense, pride is an often unjustified or exaggerated feeling of superiority. This kind of pride is arguably the cause of most of our problems, and plays a major part in most conflicts, from sibling rivalries, marital tensions, strife in the workplace, divisions in society and wars between nations.

Pride's egostic, know-it-all attitude prevents people from reaching their full potential, because it says to those we could learn from that we don't need their help. Many people carry around loads of ego. They want to be well thought of, and sometimes they think this has to come at the cost of putting others down. This is sad and not the way it should be, especially if you are in a position of seniority.

When people look up to you, you have a great opportunity to help unlock their potential. But you cannot make others feel important, capable, or respected if you insist on making all the decisions, having your way and being right all the time. Sure, you want to make right decisions and be successful, but it should not come at the expense of others.

If you consistently remain selfish, dominate discussions and push your own ideas, you will eventually discourage creativity in those near and dear to you, as well as make them unenthusiastic about seeing your ideas through. Pride makes us critical, intolerant and impatient.

Pride is the enemy of happiness. There is hope for every person struggling with pride. The answer is humility. This characteristic is usually a bit harder to develop, but it is freely available to all of us and is within our reach. Each individual must desire it and cultivate it. Like anything else, it does not come naturally. It requires a conscious and consistent effort, but with God's help we can attain it.

Reduce the load off everyone. Reduce your burden. Lay down your ego!

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