God Is Enough

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God Is Enough


I spend a great deal of time praying, as you should know the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. In the run of the day I know things will happen to preclude us from praying, I know things will happen to cause our prayers to be or take a detour, but please do not let the things of the world cut you off from the Master.


Please let this dwell in your spirit, God said that He would keep us in perfect peace if our minds were stayed on Him. Now this is a very tall order (keeping your mind on Him) but the reward is beyond belief. Can you feel the serenity flowing through you and the wonderful thoughts of the Master dwelling within you and guess what, they cannot stay there, the thoughts will flow to others and so on.


I tell you this because my spirit has been turning over with people who feel lost or disconnected from the Father. That is the primary reason for today's message, I wish to remind you that God Cares. God cares about what you are going through right this moment. See God knows you, He knew you before your parents knew you, He knew you before you are getting to know yourself. God knew that you would what you did before you did. More importantly, God cares so deeply about you that He sent His angels to be with you, so that you do not even stub your foot. My friend, my brother and my sister I want to ask you to not take our eyes off God, do not allow what you are going through to blind you from Him, see He has a plan for your life and it ends with Him, being in His presence.


This world is going in many directions and the world is ever changing, it is difficult to keep up with all this change. But regardless of your circumstance, no matter how bleak your existing condition my look this moment, I exhort you, I challenge you to not let yourself get caught up in the emotions of the worlds economic problem. Do not let yourself get caught up the fear from the rampant shootings or .what is going on south of the border. These things are not of God, they are not of God. God is not author of confusion, He is not partaker of hate and bigotry.


I have been told that when my Lord returns there are many things He will say but what strikes me most is the word "Enough". He will tire of greed, jealousy, hatred, back stabbing and back biting He will come because these things are not from Him.


Can you imagine our Lord weeping just like the prodigal sons father did when he left home the hurt the man felt, how do you feel when a child is taking the wrong path and you an not do anything? I tell you the Father feels worse then the emotions we speak of, see we are created in His image and I tell you He will not allow that image to continue to be tarnished. We are talking about a Father, Who made the lambs to lay down with lions, this cannot go on.


I am so thankful that the God we serve is the same yesterday, today and forever and He loves us one and all. I am talking the God that told the Abraham not to take the life, see He always has a ram in the bush, the God that told the raging waters to be still, the God that told Lazarus to stand, the God that kept Jonah in the belly of the whale for those days when anatomically the whale really could not swallow a person. Do you know that we also serve a God of more then enough?


The same God that gave Joseph a dream to not only take him from the prison but bring his family back together, the same God that blinded Saul and released him from a prison after he sang praises in the midnight hour I am talking about a God that provided a little meal with a cruz of oil to last the widow women who was then preparing to die. Is somebody getting anything from this?


Please know that God is the same as we see but he also has to allow the liars, stealers robbers, killers and schemers to do what they do, because there is a consequence to be dealt with. For all purposes I choose to keep my eyes on Him, and comfort myself in the fact that He Knows. He is the One Who does not slumber nor sleep and He has brought me into the fold as a blood bought child of His.


I stand on this, what the devil meant for harm God will turn my problems into a blessing. That is why the key to turn the lock is so important that you understand this: We have to continue to believe in God's ability to fulfil His every Promise to us. We have to stay connected. Friends, our Father is the source for whatever we need and even though the devil may try to block Him in accomplishing His goal, it will not last.


I urge you to think about David, who in praise to God and exhortation to men wrote in Psalms 37:25, that he had never seen the righteous forsaken nor His seed begging bread. We serve a God of more then enough and all we have to do believe in Him for the victory. What do we do with our need?


We need to turn it over to God, right now. Whatever it is, turn it over to Him in faith for the victory, see our God can do anything. Friends, this period is not a time to feel down and out, nor discouraged, this is a time to rise up and feel the victory over your problem. This is a time to start celebrating in the ability of our Father.


As I stated earlier, when the Father comes back he will declare "Enough." He has given us the ability to boldly proclaim "Enough" despite feeling rejected and filled with lack. We have to set our spirit on releasing the need and praising the Father. We have to say that nothing shall separate us from the love of God, not lack, not need, not troubles, not health problems, not this world’s uncertainty. Nothing is going to get in between me and the Father.



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Dumazile Elizabeth Thomo 08/17/2011 11:02

Oh yes God all is well .

To get house to stay with my three kids.In Tembisa

kuda 03/04/2011 20:41

I want to thank God for this message and for using you as the medium of His word. It is as if this message had to come through for me! I am so blessed today and may God continue to use you,
messenger of God.....kuda