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The author of Hebrews are Apostle Paul, Luke, Barnabas, Apollos, Silas, Philip, Priscilla and others. Hebrews is a masterful document written to demonstrate the exclusiveness and superiority of the new covenant. The overwhelming message of Hebrews, that Christianity is superior to Judaism, because Jesus Christ is supreme and is completely sufficient for salvation.

Hebrews begins by emphasizing that the Old Testament and the New Testament are both revealed by God. Christianity shows how Jesus Christ is superior to the Old Testament Priesthood, Christianity surpasses the Old Testament having a better covenant, a better sanctuary and a more sufficient sacrifice for sins (Hebrews 1 – 10)

Hebrews then suggest the practical implications of following Jesus Christ. Readers are reminded to hold on to their new faith, encourage each other and to look forward to Jesus Christ’s return and His rewards for faithfulness. Christians are told what it means to live by faith, giving illustrations of the faithful men and women in the history of Israel. Believers are to pattern their lives after Jesus Christ, allowing God to discipline us. (Hebrews 10-13)

Jews who had become Christians in the first century were tempted to fall back into the Old Testament traditions, because of doubt/unbelief, the security of customs and persecution. Today many believers are also tempted to fall back into legalism, fulfilling minimum religious requirements, rather than pressing on in genuine faith.

Believers must strive to live by faith each day. Jesus Christ is the perfect revelation of God, the final and complete sacrifice for sin, and the only way to eternal life. Don’t settle for anything less.



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