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This book was written by Jeremiah the prophet approximately 627-586 B.C.

Jeremiah is a combination of history, poetry and biography. Jeremiah often used symbolism to communicate his message. For 40 years he served as God’s spokesman to Judah, but nobody listened. Jeremiah’s message was ‘Repent and turn to God or He will punish.’

Jeremiah courageously and faithfully proclaimed the Word of God. He was obedient, beginning with his call to be a prophet. The following 38 chapters contain prophecies about Israel and Judah (the Southern Kingdom). Jeremiah then predicted the destruction of Jerusalem in chapter 39. The concluding chapters describe events following Jerusalem’s fall and further prophecies.

Throughout his life, Jeremiah stood alone declaring God’s message and weeping over the fate of his beloved country. During that time the people ignored, rejected and persecuted him. Jeremiah’s preaching was unsuccessful by human standards, yet he did not fail in his task. He remained faithful to God.

Although God was consistently working out Salvation through the Israelites, His plan was and is to communicate the same message to every tribe and nation today. People around the world and inhabiting the earth are included in Jeremiah’s message of judgment and hope. Believers are therefore encouraged to share God’s desire to reach every nation on earth for Him.

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