Jesus Christ Died For Mankind

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Jesus Christ Died For Mankind

The Bible is the story of God’s revelation of Himself to man. It is not primarily a book of history, but its stories of God’s dealings with individuals and with nations are as pertinent to the present world as they have been to every age since they were written.




To Prevail

And Not


“The fool says in his

heart, there is no God....”

(Psalm 14 v 1)


The God it reveals has been known in a personal way by many millions of ordinary people who have lived. The Bible continues to speak to every man, woman and child from the simplest to the most sophisticated at his/her own level of understanding.


“Look to Me,

And be saved

All you ends

of the Earth!

For I am


And there is

no other.”

(Isaiah 45 v 22)

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