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The name of this book, comes from its central character. Job himself could not have written all of this book, because the record of his death is included in Job 42 v 17.

Every reader will have their own suggestion as to the purpose of this book. However, the main theme is to demonstrate God’s sovereignity and the meaning of true faith. Job demonstrates clearly to mankind the inadequacy of human reason to account for the suffering of the innocent. Ultimately, there is a mystery of divine freedom which does not contradict God’s goodness or sovereignity but remains elusive to man.

Through no fault of his own, Job lost his wealth, children and health. His friends were convinced that Job had brought this suffering upon himself. For Job the greatest trial was not the pain or the loss; it was not being able to understand why God allowed him to suffer.

Suffering can be, but is not always, a penalty for sin. In the same way, prosperity is not always a reward for being good. Those who love God are not exempt from trouble. Although we may not be able to understand fully the pain we experience, it can lead us to rediscover God.

Job teaches believers to recognise and not fear Satan’s attacks, because he cannot exceed the limits that God sets. Do not let your experiences weaken your relationship with God. Although you cannot control how Satan may attack, you can always choose how you will respond when it happens. Job was tested. But his life was built on God, and he endured.

When reading, you will notice that readers have additional informational which the characters of the story do not. It becomes clear, that Job was not meant to know the reason. He will have to face life without the answers and explanations. Only then will his faith fully develop.

Followers of Jesus Christ must experience life similarly as Job did – one day at a time and without complete answers to all of life’s questions. Will we, like Job trust God no matter what? Or will we give in to the temptation, to say that God does not really care and love us?

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