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The book of Lamentations was written by Jeremiah the prophet after the destruction of Jerusalem approximately 586 B.C. The nation of Judah had been utterly defeated, the temple in Jerusalem destroyed and the captives were taken away to Babylon. Jeremiah’s tears were for the suffering and humiliation of the people. He cried because God had rejected the people for their rebellious ways.

Lamentation gives readers a portrait of the bitter suffering the children of Israel had suffered when sin had finally caught up with them, and God turned his back on them. But although God had turned away from them, he did not abandon them-that was their great hope.

Despite their sinful past God was willing to restore the Israelites, if they decided to return unto him. The overwhelming message of this book is there is no hope, except in the Lord. Therefore our suffering, trials and challenges should turn us toward God, and not away from him.  

In the depths of destruction, devastation, loss and grief, there shines a ray of hope. God’s compassion is ever-present. His faithfulness is great. It is only God’s mercy that prevents total annihilation from the serious consequences of sin. Lamentations shows us the timeless importance of prayer and confession of sin.

All believers we will face tragedy and set-back in their lives, but in the midst of affliction look to God. To continue in rebellion against God is to invite wrath. God’s warnings are justified. He does what He says He will do! His punishment for sin is certain. Only by confessing and renouncing our sin, can individuals turn to him for deliverance. How much better to do so before His warnings are fulfilled!

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