Lean On The Word And Confess Your Faith

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Let us suppose you went to see a doctor who gave you a prescription for a cold. You took the prescription to the pharmacy, and they handed you a bottle of medicine. Arriving home you placed the medicine on a shelf. Whilst in your home you refused to take the medicine as instructed by the doctor. Instead, you only bother to look at the bottle repeatedly, as it stares back at you.  It certainly wouldn’t help you, and you certainly couldn’t expect it to. You would have to act on the doctor’s orders and take the medicine. Not only that, but in order for it to work correctly, you also need to take it according to prescribed instructions given by pharmacist/doctor.

Likewise, you need to listen, hear, speak and apply the Bible (word of God) until you have become Word conscious. You must hold fast to your confession. Do not hold it loosely, or half heartedly, but hold onto it until you get exactly what you need from God. The Bible says that God will meet every need.

“My Son, attend to my Words, incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes, keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them and health to all their flesh.” (Proverbs 4 v 20-22)

Every believer need to stop holding onto the confession of their senses, and instead hold onto God’s Word. That is what will produce victory in your life. Get accustomed to acting on the Word. Get soaked with the Word, until you are so Word conscious that you think/dwell on the Word continually. Your right confession will then become a reality.

Many people think that God is responsible for all the things that happen to them, when actually God is not responsible for many of these things. People also think it is up to God to do something about their troubles. Why is this? Because after Christ’s ascension, the work that he did in carrying out the great plan of redemption was handed over to the church, and now it is up to the believers to possess the nations.

Faith is like love. It is revealed only in action and word! Thus, there is no faith without confession, but faith will grow with confession. Confession gives direction, and fixes landmarks for one’s life. Individuals cannot receive from God without ‘right believing and right confession.’ When we begin to realise that, we can then begin to get somewhere with God.

It is amazing the faith that Christians have in the wrong things. If they would take the same faith and believe in the right things, they would become successful. In fact, they wouldn’t need additional faith than what they already have, in order to be successful.

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