Let Us Praise God (2)

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Let Us Praise The Lord (2)

Lord, we seek your face

We thank you for your glory

Hallelujah to the lamb

Bless the name of our wonderful God

Bless the name of the Lord of Lords

Bless the name of the wonderful Saviour

You are Alpha

You are Omega

You are the beginning

You are the end

We bless your name

You are All

And you are our all

We thank you, that you satisfy all our needs according to your riches in glory

Thank you for enabling us to be your children

We are your sheep

And you are our Shepherd

And another voice we do not hear

Lord, we hear your voice

We know your voice

We love your voice

We praise your name

Heavenly Father we draw nigh unto thee

Because, Redeemer you draw nigh unto us

We thank you that you are not afar-off

We do not have to send for you overseas or skies

We thank you that your Word is nigh unto us

It is in our mouths

It is in our hearts

It is in our minds

It is in our spirit

We praise you Lord

We worship you

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