Let Us Praise The Lord (3)

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Let Us Praise The Lord (3)

We exalt you

Hallelujah, hallelujah

God we give you the glory

Bless the Lord oh my soul

We Bless the Lord at all times

Blessed be the Lord

There is none unto you

You are God

You are God all by yourself

We bless your name

Bless your Holy name

Bless your wonderful name

Bless your matchless name

Bless your marvellous name

Bless your awesome name

Bless your powerful name

Bless your mighty name

We bless the name of Jesus Christ

God we thank you for inhabiting the praises of your people

We welcome the presence of the Lord amongst us

We thank you for healing our sickness, disease and infirmities

Saviour we bow down before you

We prostrate ourselves before thee

We give you praise and worship you Almighty

We lift up your Holy name above the earth

We thank you for being God

We thank God for His Son, Jesus Christ

We thank God for His Spirit

Blessed be your name forever more

We praise you Father



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