Lord, I Am In Thine Hand

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Lord, I Am In Thine Hand

Heavenly Father as I approach your throne of grace

I humbly, bow before you

I accept that you have good thoughts toward me

To make me better

Than I am now

To give me peace and to achieve

That I may become the best me

To declare that I am

The first of me, and there is no other person like me

I am perfect for the reason you made me

I am a person of value

I am made to make impact

I am made in the image and likeness of god

I am programmed for increase and growth

I am an over- comer

I am an individual operating in your authority

Although I may stumble, I will not fall

My set time of favour is now

I am born again to reign again

I am first among my equals

I am a person of advancement

A contributor not a detractor

I am the salt of the earth

My gates are constantly open

They shall never be shut day or night

The time of my restoration has come

My future is defined

Thy will be done in my life now and always

In the name of Jesus Christ, I have prayed.


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