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Luke was a doctor, a Greek and a Gentile Christian. He was a close friend and companion of Apostle Paul.

Luke’s Gospel portrays Jesus as the perfect example of a life lived according to God’s plan – as a child living in obedience to his parents and yet amazing the religious leaders in the temple, as an adult serving God and others through preaching and healing and finally as a condemned man suffering without complaint.

The Greeks found it difficult to understand the spiritual importance of the physical world. To them the, the spiritual was always more important than the physical. Luke emphasized that Jesus Christ was a real human being who healed and fed people because he was concerned with their physical as well as their spiritual aspects.

Jesus Christ taught great crowds of people, especially through parables, which are stories with hidden truths (earthly stories with a heavenly meaning). But only those with ears to hear will understand.

Luke’s affirms Christ’s divinity, but the real emphasis of his book is to show his humanity. Jesus love for people is good news for everyone. His message is for all people in every nation. Each one of us has an opportunity to respond to him in faith.

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