Man With A Mission

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Man With A Mission

“For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19 v 10)

In the scripture above, the Lord Jesus summarized His mission on earth. Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus commissioned the disciples to take His gospel message to all men, and bring them eternal life.

How much value do you put on Salvation?

How much is reaching a person with the Gospel truly worth?

Are you looking for God?

Whilst in New Zealand, United Christian Broadcasters Chief Executive, Ian Mackie had a vision from God over twenty years ago, which continued to burn brightly in his heart. That vision was for National Christian Radio in the United Kingdom.

Looking for guidance the whole way, Ian commented;

“We sold our house and furniture, packed our belongings in suitcases and in September 1986, we headed off to the airport with a kid under each arm. Many times the task seemed impossible. We watched as God performed miracle after miracle despite the huge opposition.”

However, after many years of setbacks and challenges, the advent of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) opened new doors.....and Ian’s vision was finally fulfilled on 1st December 2009.

What To Expect

UCB Radio features contemporary Christian music, as well as great live chat, topical discussion, regular news and current affairs, special guests, with banter, fun, competitions and lots more. UCB Radio is guaranteed to uplift, educate, motivate, encourage and inspire listeners through each day!

UCB has been entrusted to reach as many people as possible with God’s Word. With the advancement of technology individuals can now take the daily devotional The Word For Today wherever they go, and listen to National DAB Radio 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home or on the move in the United Kingdom.

The remarkable Ministry of UCB is connecting and influencing millions of people around the world. Individuals will find UCB’s resources enriching, educational, encouraging and helpful in strengthening their faith, hope and love.

“After the darkness of winter, spring breaks forth and for us the hope of Revival is just around the corner. This was the second promise God gave me all those years ago; that there would come a time when throughout our nations people would turn back to God in their thousands. UCB was created for such a time, to encourage these new believers in their faith.” Ian Mackie, UCB Chief Executive.

Every Christian should follow Jesus Christ and Ian Mackie’s example in their daily walk with God. Life is spiritual and the only way to get the best out of life is to live for our Heavenly Father, serving Him gladly, wholeheartedly and selflessly. This is your calling as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

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