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Nahum served as a prophet to Judah and Assyria from 663-654 BC. Nahum was a prophet to Nineveh the capital of the Assyrian Empire.

Jonah (another prophet) had seen the citizens of Nineveh repent a century earlier (Read the book of Jonah), but they had fallen back into wickedness. Assyria was the most powerful nation on earth and seemed unstoppable. Its ruthless and savage warriors had already conquered Israel, the Northern Kingdom, and was causing great suffering in Judah.

Nahum proclaimed God’s anger against Assyria’s evil. Within a few decades, the mighty Assyrian Empire would be toppled by Babylon. The thought of being on top can be captivating. But power is seductive, therefore people should not be drawn to it, or be anxious/eager to hold on to it. Those who lust after power will be powerfully destroyed, as with the mighty Assyrian Empire.

No power on earth can protect us from God’s judgement or be a suitable substitute for His power in our lives. To those who refuse to believe the message is clear – disobedience, rebellion and injustice will not prevail, but will be punished severely by a righteous and Holy God who rules over all the earth.

As you read Nahum, decide to live under God’s guidance and within His rules, commands and guidelines for an enriched life. The relationship we have is up to us. Which kind of relationship will you choose?


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