Pakistan Floods Appeal

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Funds are continuing to pour in for the DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal with the latest count of donations showing that it has now reached £9.5 million pounds.



Disasters Emergency Committee Chief Executive Brendan Gormley said:  


“The response from the British public has been overwhelming, particularly given the economic climate at the moment. People have been very generous and are continuing to donate which will really help to ease the plight of those affected.  


“However the scale of the disaster is vast and we’re appealing for more funds to ensure we can reach those most in need. With monsoon rains continuing, the situation for millions of people in Pakistan is going to get worse before it gets better.


“We still need people to keep giving because the flood waters are still spreading fast and continuing to affect millions of people.”   


The DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal is separate from the pledges being sought by the United Nations which is hoping to secure funds from governments worldwide.

Floodwaters have now moved south to the Sindh province and hundreds of villages have been flooded. Reports say the protective bund at Torhi in the province's north has been breached and several barrages and dams are under threat from floodwater.   


The DEC’s member agencies have now distributed aid to more than 500,000 people affected. Floods have destroyed villages, crops and infrastructure and damaged some 290,000 homes. A total of 1,600 people have died.


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