Prayer For Haiti

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Prayer for Haiti

“Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”
(Philippians 4 V 6)

Dear Heavenly Father I come before you again right now in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

Lord I ask for your merciful and compassionate hand upon Haiti, following this devastating and catastrophic earthquake in the region of Port-Au-Prince and beyond.

Lord I pray for the citizens of Haiti and their political leaders. Lord, grant them your wisdom and guidance in navigating through the weeks and months ahead.

Lord I pray for the hearts, souls and minds of each Haitian to be led by your spirit to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I plea your grace and mercy surrounding their transgressions.

Lord may you cover every survivor in the precious blood of Jesus Christ and remove their sins.

Lord I pray for those who are still alive and trapped beneath buildings and rubble, waiting to be pulled-out by rescue teams.

Lord I pray for the sick and injured.

Lord I pray for the elderly, infants and those whom are weak.

Lord I pray for the children who are now orphaned, injured, homeless and hungry.

Lord I pray for those who have lost members of their families.

Lord I pray for the many people now are made homeless and trying to survive on the streets.

Lord I pray for the relief workers, volunteers and rescue teams whom are operating in stressful conditions and demanding environments.

Lord I pray for those who now are in sorrow, shock, despair, fear, grief and pain.

Lord I pray that you will show forth your love and kindness.

Lord give each person your WORD, comfort, healing, peace, hope, joy, love and hope.

Lord I ask for your Almighty hand to intervene in this testing and difficult time.

Knowing that you are able to do exceedingly much more abundantly above and beyond all that we ask or think, Heavenly Father I ask your provision for Haiti. Supply their needs according to your riches in glory for your name to be glorified and exalted.

Lord I pray this in the ONE name that is above ALL other names.

In Jesus Christ I have prayed.


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