Read Your Bible

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Read Your Bible


When asked, What book has most influenced your life? Most people say the Bible. Yet fewer than 14% of us read it every day. How come? Here are some of our most common excuses: 1) ‘I’ve no time.’ Really? Many of the books in your Bible can be read in 10 to 45 minutes, some in less than 20 minutes. By taking a chapter a day you can complete the book of Proverbs in a month and the Epistle of James in five days. 2) ‘I don’t know where to begin.’ If starting in Genesis and working your way through seems overwhelming, break it into bite-sized pieces. Pick a Gospel and read the life of Christ. Just get started! 3) ‘It’s not exciting.’ Do you like romance? Read the book of Ruth. Looking for adventure? Try Judges or Acts. Enjoy poetry? Explore Song of Solomon. From History to how-to, it’s all in Scripture. 4) ‘Isn’t going to church every week good enough?’ Billy Graham says, ‘The Bible is the road map for life, and while your pastor can highlight the best route to take, you learn how to navigate life’s twists and turns for yourself.’ 5) ‘It makes me uncomfortable.’ When you don’t know what God’s Word actually says, it’s easy to equate it with negative experiences and hypocrisy you’ve observed, then throw out the baby with the bathwater. No question, the Bible makes you face hard truths. ‘ judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ (Hebrews 4:12 NIV)*. It gives you a check-up from the neck up. But you’ll discover who you are, what you’re called to do, and become empowered to do it!

Scripture references are taken from;

*NKJV (New King James Bible Version)

*NIV (New International Bible Version)

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