Rejoice In Jesus Christ

Published on by simondisciple

God often uses lowly things

His purpose to fulfill

Because it takes a humble heart

To carry out His will.


We are covered by God's banner

And shielded by His might

He knows the way He taketh

His way is always right.


Every task, however simple

Sets the soul that does it, free

Every deed of love and kindness

Done to man is done to thee.


Look, ye saints, within the veil

And raise your happy song

Your joys can never, never fail

For you to Christ belong.


The riches of this world are vain

That vanish in a day

But sweet the treasures of God's love

They never pass away.


So on we travel in the Master's hand

And all throughout eternity

Bound for the heavenly promised land

I'll praise Him endlessy.

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