Remain Connected To The Life Giving Source

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Remain Connected To The Life Giving Source

“I am the vine, ye are the branches; He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit; for without me, ye can do nothing.” (John 15 v 5)

The scripture reading above provides the KEY to your spiritual life. The thought expressed here, is that before you can cast all your cares, challenges, problems on God and have Him carry them, you must first humble yourself under Him. A proud or arrogant person will not be able to do this. The Bible constantly reminds believers, that we cannot do anything without God and the Holy Spirit. Man was created by God in his image for a purpose. That purpose as not and will not be changed.

The day Adam and Eve decided to live without God, they died. All the blessings embedded in the spiritual life were gone due to one wrong decision. Things were never the same both for them and the entire world. Independence from God is the greatest undoing anyone can experience.

Are you running and living your life without him? What decisions are you taking without involving Him? If you are, you are walking down the same path that Adam and Eve took. The solution is to quickly repent and humbly submit to God.

Even when Satan (the devil) says you can live without God, in reality, he does not leave you alone. He knows as long as you leave God out of the equation of your life, you become highly susceptible to his suggestions, manipulations and control. Anytime God is not controlling or leading you, you are under Satan’s control. The bible makes it clear, slaves cannot serve two masters. Therefore involve God in every area of your life to inherit the abundant life promised.

To what extent do you subordinate your will under God’s? For you to achieve what God has reserved for you, you first must move/advance in your level of dependence on the Lord. Do not do anything without involving Him. Take time to seek His face. It is worth waiting on Him for as long as it takes to receive your needed instruction or answer, for that is what will give you the desired outcome. And that is wisdom. Decisions taken without God’s input can be very costly!

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