Request For Christians And Non-Christians To Help Pakistan Flood Victims

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I enclose here with an appeal from a dear friend and Minister whom I have come to know and highly respect, for his service and dedication in the kingdom of God. I am requesting that every reader or visitor to this site, help in any way they can by giving assistance monetary or otherwise.


Dear  Friends


Subject: Help Needed In The Flood For Our Families.

                          " Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am
very thankful our for Lord he always care  for us in difficult times.


Our Pakistan is suffering and  there's many difficulties due to flood. Many people have died  and their house are flooded in the water. They do not have anything for their lives and families.


So many people, please help them. I want to help them. We want you to stand alongside and to unite with us for this purpose in your prayer and your help. Some  107500  people is without a house  and food. The children  have no  milk..they need clothes, shoes, crakaryi and many kinds of food. So  keep in  Pakistan in your prayer. I have faith in God that he will open the windows and doors for these needy people. We also need  Bibles for these families. We also need your prayers for these people, believing with us that God will help them in their difficulties."


May the Lord bless you.


Your Brother in Christ


Evangelist Francis David




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