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Revelation is the final book in the Bible.

Revelation is written in ‘apocalyptic‘ form – a type of literature which uses symbolic imagery to communicate hope (the ultimate triumph of God over Sin). This book proclaims that Jesus Christ will surely return to vindicate the righteous, and judge the wicked. Revelation is also a prophecy of things which will take place before Christ returns to rescue his people and judge all who defy him.

The author The Apostle John, begins this book by explaining how he received the revelation from God (1 v 1-20). He then records specific messages from God to the seven churches (2 v 1 - 3 v 22).

Suddenly the writing style changes as dramatic and majestic images burst into view before John’s eyes. This series of visions portray the future rise of evil, culminating in the Antichrist (4 v 1 – 18 v 24). Evil and injustice will not prevail forever. We need to be certain of our commitment to Jesus Christ to escape this great final judgement.

This is followed by the triumph of the King of Kings, the marriage of the Lamb, the final judgement and the coming of the new Jerusalem (19 v 1 – 22 v 5). God is sovereign, in other words he does whatever he pleases. He is greater than any power in the universe. God is not to be compared with any leader, government or religion. He controls history for the purpose of uniting true believers in loving fellowship with him. Jesus Christ came to earth as a lamb, the symbol of God’s perfect sacrifice for sin. He will return as the triumphant Lion, the rightful ruler and conqueror. He will defeat Satan,  judge all those who reject him, and bring His faithful people into eternity.

Revelation concludes with the promise of Jesus Christ return (22 v 6-21), and John concludes” Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus” (22 v 20). As you read, marvel with John at the wondrous panorama of God’s revealed plan. Listen as God warns the churches and all believers everywhere, to root out any sin that blocks your relationship with Him.

Have hope, knowing that God is in control. Jesus Christ’s victory is assured, and all who trust Him will be saved. One day God will create a new heaven and a new earth. All believers will live with him forever in perfect peace and security. Those who have already died will be raised to life. These promises for the future bring us hope.

Standing On The Promises   


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