The Choices of Maturity

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The Choices of Maturity

One way to evaluate spiritual maturity is by looking at the choices we make. It is God’s will that every follower of Jesus Christ matures and bear fruit, and that your fruit remains. Here are some of the ways those choices can change with our personal growth;


Mature Choices

·         Teaching others

·         Developing depth of understanding

·         Self-evaluation

·         Seeking unity

·         Desiring spiritual gifts and to be used by God

·         Careful study and observation

·         Active faith

·         Confidence

·         Experiences evaluated in the light of God’s Word


Immature Choices

·         Reliant on just being taught

·         Insist on struggling with the basics

·         Focus on self-criticism

·         Seek disunity

·         Desiring to be entertained

·         Study based on opinions and half-hearted efforts

·         Individual is cautious, doubtful showing apathy

·         Easily overcome by fear

·         Experiences evaluated according to feelings

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