The Kingdom of Jesus Christ

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The Kingdom of Jesus Christ

“And as ye go, preach saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (Matthew 10 v 7)

The children of Israel were waiting for the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to usher in his Kingdom. They had hoped for a political and military Kingdom that would free them from Roman rule and oppression. Bringing back the glory days, previously seen under the kingship of David and Solomon.

God however, was more concerned with the spiritual Kingdom. The Gospel message that Jesus spoke to Israel, is the same message for the world today. The Kingdom is near! Jesus Christ has already begun His kingdom on the earth in the hearts of His followers. It is the longest established Kingdom on earth and the biggest in history, present and future.

The Bible does not give us detailed information about the twelve disciples, probably because there was insufficient impressive information worth recording. Jesus called people from all walks of life-fishermen, political activist, tax collector. He called common men and leaders, rich and poor, educated and uneducated.

Today, many people think only certain individuals meet the criteria to follow Jesus Christ. This was not the attitude of Jesus himself. God accepts anyone and every person into His kingdom, no matter how insignificant he/she appears. If you are lonely, shy, depressed, sick, disabled, elderly, insecure, doubtful, convicted criminal, fearful, small, big, blogger, businessman/woman, actor, homeless, student, journalist, practised another/ different religion(s) you are invited and welcomed into the Kingdom. God always uses ordinary people to do His extraordinary work. That is why we are called servants of God.

Jesus called His disciples. He did not recruit them, force them, or ask them to volunteer. Jesus chose them to serve him in a special way. God is still calling more people, to become servants in His Kingdom today. God does not twist our arms and make us do something we do not want to do. He has given us a free will. We can choose to join him or not to join him. The decision is ours. One day the Kingdom will be realised.

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