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This book was written by Zephaniah who served as prophet to Judah from 640-621 BC. King Josiah of Judah was attempting to reverse the evil trends set by the previous Kings of Judah – Manasseh and Amon.

Josiah followed God, and during his reign, the books of the Law were discovered in the Temple. After reading them, Josiah began a great religious revival in Judah (read 2 Kings 22 v 1-20 and 2 Kings 23 v 1-30).

Zephaniah helped the revival by warning the children of Israel that judgement would come if they did not turn from their sins. As you read Zephaniah pay careful attention to the words of judgement. God does not take sin lightly and it will be punished.

Decide to be part of that faithful remnant of souls who humbly worship and obey the Living Lord.


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