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A Friend

A Friend How many friends do you have on Facebook? www.facebook.com Let me introduce you to my best friend. He is closer to me than any other member of my family, and he has more friends than the total membership of Facebook since its existence! His name...

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Where Are You Headed

You Are Not Stuck In traffic You Are Traffic Whilst You Are Stationary Momentarily Ask Yourself These Questions Where Am I Going ? What Road Am I Travelling On? Do I Need To Change Direction? Am I On The Road To The Fire? Am I On The Road To Everlasting...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year “Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous. For praise from the upright is beautiful.” (Psalm 33 v 1) Each new day is a gift from God and a reason to be thankful and happy! My prayer is that Our Heavenly Father will reverse the current trends,...

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A Merry Jesus Christmas

A Merry Jesus Christmas Thus we can always know that men could live with goodwill and understanding for each other, because one day in each year the Divine Prince of Peace still compels them to do it. This is Christmas. Not the tinsel, not the giving...

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Christmas Greetings

Have A Loving, Joyful And Peaceful Christmas Season, And Best Wishes For the Coming New Year. May God be: Inside You For Love Above You For Blessings, Below You For Support, Before You For Guidance, Around You For Protection, Beside You for Comfort, Behind...

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Unto Us A Child Is Born

“For unto us a Child is born Unto us a Son is given And the government will be Upon His shoulder, and His name will be called Wonderful , Counsellor, Mighty God , Everlasting Father Prince of Peace ” (Isaiah 9 v 6)

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